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If you're looking for a high quality butchery in North Gloucestershire, you should pay a visit to Teddington Stores.

We carry a wide range of produce from the Three Counties region, including meat from traditionally reared cattle, pigs and chickens. Our local meat is some of the best that Britain has to offer. When you're looking to shop for local Gloucestershire meats and produce, come along to see us at Teddington Hands, Evesham Road or give us a ring on 01386 725400 if you have any queries.
Aberdeen Angus Cattle
Gloucester Old Spot Pigs
Suffolk and Hampshire Sheep

Our Meat

Our traditional butchery prides itself on selling top quality meat from local free-range herds, in the belief that good meat starts with good breeds and good husbandry.

Our organic meats come from Adey's farm near Berkley. This is a 500 acre Soil Association certified organic farm producing Aberdeen Angus cattle, Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Suffolk and Hampshire sheep.
Our premium beef is dry-aged in our dry-aging fridge. This enables the meat to age in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, with Himalayan salt blocks. This enhances the flavour to create a 'king of meats'. Dry-aged meat is like nothing you've ever tasted before - the texture is far more tender and the flavour is sublime.

Customers are free to select their joint and time they would like it aged for.

To us good quality meat is all about provenance and flavour. We go to great lengths to ensure that we achieve both.
Our poultry comes from free range farms, including Caldecott Farm in Worcestershire. Our delicious poultry doesn't shrivel or shrink when cooked - it's succulent and full of flavour. That's because it's from slow growing breeds, reared traditionally with no drugs and growth promoters allowed; allowed to mature roaming on grassland.

In season (September/October to February), we also sell pheasant and partridge from the neighbouring Overbury Farm shoot.
Top Quality Local Meat
Top Quality Local Meat
Aged Meat

Email us at enquiries@teddingtonstores.co.uk for details!

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